Located in the heart of the Southern Riverina just 10 minutes north of the Murray River, the Finley Golf Club was first established during 1921 on what was the old racecourse reserve which was located in the area where the Finley Hospital, High School and RS Club stand today.

The Members operated from the derelict racing stables where both club and playing facilities were rather primitive Around 1930 the first Club House was built and the course was improved as netting bunkers gave way to conventional sand traps and the fairways were defined.

Re‐activated in 1946 following a recess for World War 2 it was apparent the 9 Hole course was totally inadequate and a tremendous amount effort went into relocating to the present site for the 1954 season. Since the relocation there has been a steady and obvious improvement for Members and Visitors alike.

The original Club House, relocated from the old course was replaced in 1978 with the present building which has an ongoing improvement program in place. Sand scrapes and natural fairways have been replaced by watered grass greens and fairways.

From the very beginning the Finley Golf Club has progressed through the tireless efforts of a welcoming band of volunteers who happily share the motto “The Finley Golf Club ‐ The Friendly Club”.